Hold-candleCandlestick Angel, XVII Century, by Sienese sculpture.

These two gold wooden angels are situated on marble shelves at approximately 2 metres from the ground, hanging from the lateral piers of the presbytery. The drapery as well as the most delicate areas of the sculptures are made of papier-mâché perfectly merged with wood. The angels’ ankles up to the shins are enveloped in thin socks and the chest is partly covered by a short tunic, tied up over theon ashoulder. The large wings are minutely carved. The angels hold a candle on one hand and a small rectangular object, presumably used to light the candle. The two statues were influenced by the beccafuniana tradition of the angels of the Duomo di Siena and adapted according to the conventions of the XVII Century. The sculptures have also been influenced by the works of Domenico Cavedon

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